A Happy Scarf!

Like many of you, I’m a huge fan of Mollie Makes and always looking forward to the next issue.. Every begining of the months, I’m visitng my favorite book store here in Milan and buying my favorite magazines and some other stuffs I like.. Yes, I’m a stationery lover, still I can’t resist them!

Anyway, in this December issue of Mollie Makes, I saw a very familiar face and her project that I adore.. I know Ayda from Instagram and from her lovely blog Cafe Nohut..  If you still haven’t met with her, here is the link:  http://cafenohut.blogspot.com/

She explained  how to knit “The Color Block Scarf”  and it was impossible to stay out of the charm of the pictures that taken.. So with my little knitting knowledge,I chose my own colors and began to the project!!:)


Last Friday I finished it and took some photos to share with you! Moreover, we passed a long weekend in Switzerland together:):) It saved my life in cold Zurich and Basel days!

Soo.. here is the result!!  I made some changes when I was knitting, it’s not exactly the same with Ayda’s scarf..



For example, instead of pompoms ( the original one has pompoms) I made crochet bow ties every corner of the scarf and also pattern is different..


Yes, it’s true, it takes time but it’s so easy and amusing to do.. So before December ends, get your Mollie Makes and make your own Cafe Nohut scarf..!!

Meanwhile, if you have any questions, I can fondly help to you!

Enjoy it!!!


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