Breakfast Stories

Ok, I’m warning you! If you are hungry or on a diet, I think this post is not suitable for you!:) Contains multiple yummy things..

On instagram, I am mostly sharing our breakfast table, if you’re already following me, most probably it grabs your attention. Because…. I love breakfast and styling breakfast table.. It’s so fun for me! Anytime of the day, I can have a breakfast, a hot coffee/tea, cheese, fresh fruits and if possible homemade cookies/cakes/breads…

So, I decided to share this story with you!

Enjoy it!!


DSC_0001fDSC_0001 (3)DSC_0002 (4)DSC_0002 (7)DSC_0004 (4)DSC_0009 (6)DSC_0013 (2)DSC_0031DSC_0010 (5)DSC_00055


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