Ohh! That kitchen tiles…

Spring is around the corner, so I’ve already began to feel excited about the changes of nature.. I really like the freshness of the weather, soft touches of wind and smelling the fragrant of the flowers. And also there are some changes at our homes and wardrobes.. We are totally becoming lighter and feeling more free..

I like making changes at home with this of the year; it can be replacement of the furnitures or only cleaning and resettling the inside of the cupboards. Anyway, whatever I do, it refreshes and brightenes home.

Nowadays, I’m addicted to search about kitchen tiles, there won’t be any change at our home, I think it’s not easy for now but I like looking and dreaming to have a that kind of kitchen..

The trend is patchwork kitchen tiles; if you are a pattern and shape lover like me, it’s very suitable for your future kitchen.  I find the patchwork style very pretty.. It creates very rustic and natural look.

So, if there is somebody that planning a big change in the kitchen and looking for some inspirations, I hope it will help!

Take a coffee and enjoy it!!







Photography : http://style-files.comhttp://walkerzanger.comhttp://lovechicliving.co.uk -http://cafelab.blogspot.it – http://www.toppstiles.co.uk


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