Floral Joy! – Talking about Flowers..



I love fresh flowers and spring! Whenever possible, I’m buying flowers from different local flower shops, bringing home, decorating different parts of home with flowers and trying to have them as long as they allow.. Especially, spring time, with the awakening of the nature, there are lots and lots of kind of flowers appear. Feeling spring weather and smelling occasionally all of these flower fragrances at home, also awaken my sleepy soul from the cold and winter days.

Of course, a few days later, some flowers are begining to fade away or they are losing their best shapes.  For this, what I do is, eliminating the faded flowers, picking the pretty ones and replace them into a new bottles that I collect. I collect jam glasses, pretty bottles or some tins to use them as a vase.



Probably, there will be more posts about flowers and styling them in the next days.. 🙂 So, I’m ready to welcome spring! Do you??



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