Inspring Spring Picnic Ideas


Hello everyone,

I’m back! After one week gap, finally I’m here.. If you are already following me on Instagram, you know the reason 🙂 Of course I’ll tell it also here; I’ve began to work as an English teacher for adult students, here in Italy.. I’m so happy for it! But still thinking that I’m not a teacher, I can say that I’m just “helping”  them. Because learning never ends and I’m also still improving or learning new things about language..

On one hand, yes, I’m happy and worked hard for my first lessons during the week days but on the other hand, I couldn’t stop myself thinking about my blog which is the feeling that I’ve abandoned it .. Anyway I’ll put things in order, so I’ll try to come here often..! I hope..:)

So, we are officially in spring time.. Even if the weather is still cold and grey, calendars show the change in nature.. Then let’s celebrate!!! I know that we all began to make some changes in our homes but this post will be about dreaming sunny, mild days, passing some time on green grasses with our families / friends having picnic with appetitive foods.

It’s time for closing our eyes and putting ourself into the middle of the pictures…

Wish you all lovely weekend.. Enjoy it!






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