Sunday Sweetie – Biscuits with Chocolate and Raspberry

Hello everyone!


Wish you all a sweet Sunday! I hope everything is going well and you are having a relax Sunday.. But most probably the only missing thing in this scene is Biscuits with Chocolate and Raspberry..:)

Yesterday, I wrote about Spring Picnics.. Inspiring from that post, although it is raining today, we officially opened the balcony in use.. 🙂 For us, spring is in the air! From the morning, I finished to cook this delicious biscuits and now the are ready to serve beside a coffee.


I’ve already tasted it, I think chocolate and raspberry together are great couple! I hope you will like them, too!


So let’s begin.. Here is the super easy recipe!

– 250 gr. petit beurre biscuits,

– 2 table spoons of powdered sugar,

– 150 gr. bitter chocolate,

– 100gr. butter,

-75 gr. pistachio,

-150 gr. milky chcocolate,

– For the top : frozen raspberries and some pistachio


First of all, put biscuits and powdered sugar into food processor and after they become like flour, take them into a bowl. Continue with melting chocolate and butter in a bain marie. Add this chocolate/butter mix and pistachio into bowl and blend them properly. Prepare a 15 X 25 cm plate to spread the mix into it. Finally, melt the milk chocolate in a bain marie and again spread the sauce on the top of the mix. Leave it in freezer nearly 1 hour and then decorate with some raspberry and pistachio..

Here it is!! Ready!! Don’t you think it’s easy?


Now I’m heading to kitchen to make some coffee and eat another slice!:)


Wish you all a perfect week!


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