Potato Soup with Ginger

DSC_0001 I don’t like drinking soup in summer time or warm days, unless it is Gazpacho or other cold soups.. I think these are the final days for me to boil a soup. In honour of these days, I would like share one of my favorite soup recipe. Also if you have excess of potatoes at home, in this way, you can use some. So, let’s begin; Ingriedients; DSC_0007 – 1 table spoon of butter – 1 table spoon of olive oil – 1 piece green onion ( scallion ) – 4 or 5 small potatoes – 1/2 lt. water – 1/2 lt. milk – 10gr. fresh ginger – 1/2 coffee spoon of ginger powder – Salt DSC_0003 First chop up ginger and green onion. Put olive oil and butter into a stewpan and add chopped ginger and green onion for saute. Prepare potatoes cubed and add them to the pan. Add on water and salt, leave it to boil. After boiling, add milk and ginger powder. Use immersion blender to make a smooth, pure soup. Boil it one last time and here it is! Ready! DSC_0011 If you like, while serving, add some mint powder on it. Bon Appetite!


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