Lemon Cake and Crochet Kind a Day..

5687p   I can say, nowadays I’m feeling so tired because of the weather changes, I tend to sleep everywhere or want to live slowly.  For this kind of moments, I’ve found the best solution for myself with crocheting and watching “Call the Midwife”. I really like this series and trying to watch it whenver I find a gap between my lessons  or at my off days. So, it keeps me awake and I can continue my everyday life.

I’ll talk about it later; about my Etsy shop, but yes (yupppiiiii!!!!! :)) , I’ve opened it! You can find me on Etsy as “Design House of Berry” or as a shortcut here is the link;


Anyway, this is not todays subject, but I need to be awake because I have toooo many projects and products on my mind and too many others I’m working on. So, watching TV is a great deal for me while crocheting!:) DHoB Apart from keeping me alive, there is one tiny, little bad side of watching “Call the Midwife”; every episode, at least one time, as a part of the role, they are having tea with delicious cakes and other sweeties!!! When I watch them eating delicious cakes, I also want to take a bite!!:)

That’s why, today I’m prepared!:) Taadam; here is my very easy, plain Lemon Cake..


– 3 eggs,

– 1 tea glass of sugar, ( I used brown sugar)

– 1 lemon water,

– 1 lemon peel / grated,

– 1 packet of baking powder / 10gr

. – 1 packet of vanilla / 10gr.

–  3/4 tea glass of olive oil,

– 1/2 tea glass of milk,

– 3 cups of flour,

– 200 gr. of sweet ricotta cheese,

Take eggs and  sugar in a bowl and begin to mix them. Then, continue adding milk, lemon juice, lemon peel, oil, vanilla and ricotta cheese and mix them again. Finally add flour and baking powder and properly homogenize it until you get a soft dough. 478o Pour the dough in a cake mold and bake it 170°, approx. 40 min. Here it is! Now, prepare your tea, take a slice of lemon cake and take a seat, new episode is about to begin! 🙂 Enjoy it! DSC_0006


2 thoughts on “Lemon Cake and Crochet Kind a Day..

  1. That lemon cake looks amazing. I am this close to buying a bundt cake pan I think. I made a yogurt lemon cake on Friday and whilst it was moist, it was a little ‘wet’ and dense. This cake looks fluffy and the addition of sweet ricotta cheese is exciting. I wonder if I can buy that in Australia? Love your blog btw.


    1. Hi Lynnette,

      So sorry for late return!
      First of all, thanks a lot for your nice comments, I wish we lived closer, so I could call you for a tea and serve a slice of this cake!:)
      I bought this cake pan from a local shop here in Italy. Its brand name is “Kaiser”, I even don’t know if it’s famously or not.. But this kind of carbon steel, non stick cake pans are very useful and easy to bake a cake.

      Lots of love,


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