Living the autumn in a colorful, creative way! :)

Hello everyone,

It’s been very very long time since I stopped by here and wrote something! Time really flies away and it’s nearly impossible to catch it!. I wish a day has 36 hours! ūüė¶

Nowadays, I’m complaining and grumbling about how I missed everything that I planned and feeling so bad, so guilty about it.. I’m accusing myself botching the jobs and it also creates another pressure on me! Aawwhhh!!! I need to relax and reschedule my works.¬† There are lots of projects, halfway finished,¬† are waiting for their final touches.

Shortly, now I put my coffee and rolled up my sleeves to prepare my weekly plan and arrange supplies for the new products.



Also today, I’d like to share with you¬†new, colorful¬†products that you can find on my ETSY Shop¬†.¬† Chunky, soft scarves, bright pillows, cuddlesome baby blankets¬†were added to the Design House of Berry Shop¬†and were waiting their new owners/homes for purposely encoloring these foggy, rainy autumn days!








So, yes, besides planning,¬†I’ll be crocheting happily and reading some magazines on this peaceful Sunday.

What about you? What are you doing today?


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