Inspiration : Yellow

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Nowadays, I’m pondering on some changes at our home. To be honest, I totally would like to move from here! Because believe me, making changes in my home isn’t so easy than moving. It has got very particular shape and structure, maybe in the upcoming days I can write a post and share some pictures of my nest. But briefly, our ceilings are covered with untreated wood and at the some parts of the home, there are sloped ceiling which creates  niches. Another thing is, our windows are too small, so it’s almost always dark inside, especially during the winter times. Even it’s day time, you feel the need of turn on the lights.

But instead of my denigration, you have to take into consideration that, when I first saw this apartment I immediately fell in love. Actually, I still feel the same; it is so cozy and warm.

But let’s return to our subject, about making changes, yes it’s still difficult in this home. Also, the style that I’d like to implement is not suitable for my country style home.

So, maybe it’s better to say, instead of pondering, I’m dreaming! I dream a white, bright apartment, with wide windows, inside is decorated with all soft colored + contrast colored furnitures and maybe some pop of yellow?!

yellow dhb-01
House of Berry



Hues of yellow are a sure mood-booster. It’s optimistic, energetic and cheerful. Creating  a happy and positive atmosphere, I think yellow is a great choice for your home. It’s a sociable color that works well with other hues, so you can add some yellow, nearly every kind of color palette.




elle decoration uk



It’s a color that’s always cheerful, and its impact, even in the smallest doses, is bold and kind of fearless.






design spongevtwonen



If you are  interested to see more inspiring interiors, color schemes and design objects with all in shades of yellow, take a look at my  Pinterest mood board !






elle interior

decor 8


Photo Credits : Design Sponge / Decor 8/ Elle Decoration UK / Elle Interior / Vtwonen / 101woonideeen / Hibrid


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