Love is in the air – Music Mondays 2

I was thinking a different concept for today, but since this Sunday is Valentine’s Day, it would be more suitable to devote the day to “love”.

So, first of all, I’ve got 2 film suggestions for you. The first one is “X + Y” (A Brilliant Young Mind) which focuses on a teenage English mathematics prodigy named Nathan (Asa Butterfield) who has difficulty understanding people, but finds comfort in numbers. When he is chosen to represent Great Britain at the International Mathematical Olympiad, Nathan develops a budding friendship with a young girl and faces unexpected challenges, such as understanding the nature of love.



It’s an amazing combination of and impressive realities about autism, family, relationships and formula of love. But if you ask me, the soundtracks also elevate the feelings, allow you to be hooked on the film.

1- Keaton Henson – You

2- Keaton Henson – Small Hands


My second suggestion is “God help the Girl”. A girl (Emily Browning) who experiences terrible emotional problems builds her self-confidence by forming a pop group with two similarly aimless souls. It’s written and directed by Stuart Murdoch of the band Belle & Sebastian.  I really love Belle & Sebastian, so it was a good reason for me to watch it.

God help the girl is generally about aspiration, goals and full of music love. It floats by its sweet, charming and talented cast. I also admit that it’s indie scenes and colors really got me.



  1. God Help the Girl – Perfection as a Hipster
  2. God Help the Girl – Act of the apostle
Wish you all a lovely week!

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