New Instagram Hashtag For Us : #ColorsofFloral

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I’m a great lover of nature and flowers!

When I am in the middle of nature, always try to perceive those richness of colors, smell of freshness, details and exquisiteness of shapes. I was finding a bit difficult to capture exact colors and details with a camera as my eyes really see .  So, I started to share all through the journey of my experiments on Instagram.

Then, I have decided to gather all my floral photos under a new hashtag and finally yesterday, I created #colorsoffloral .This will be the place where we all can ( yes, of course you can make contribution!) both share and get inspired by the true colors of nature.
It can be anything from a simple flower photo to beautifully made floral arrangements , to creatively drawn illustrations.

Would you care to join this floral movement?  I’d be so pleased to see all your amazing photos, brilliant floral works and spread the others the love of nature!


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