Bye Bye August..

And we are sending off summer 2016.. How do you feel about this? Since I’m not a summer person ( I don’t like hot, sticky days! I feel better in autumn or spring times), I’m quite happy about this.. In the very near future, we will be witnessing, how nature reshapes its structure and we will feast our eyes on the beauty all around us.

For a moment, when I look back through our holidays, (of course, apart from the sad, alarming news from all around the world) mostly remember cheerful, amusing moments..

So, I just wanted to leave here some memories from this summer that are taken in different parts of Italy..Hope you will enjoy through the photos..

Once again, bye bye August!


designhouseofberry (1)


designhouseofberry (2).jpg


designhouseofberry (5)Turin

designhouseofberry (3)


designhouseofberry (4).jpg


designhouseofberry (6).jpg


designhouseofberry (7).jpg


designhouseofberry (8)


designhouseofberry (9)


designhouseofberry (10).jpg

Murano (hey, it’s me!:))

designhouseofberry (11)



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